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Jun 2, 2021

Should I spend more time networking or posting on social media? Why does social media feel like a full-time job? This week, Jessica's talking to Valerie Mailman of Blue Ridge in A Box, a subscription (or one-off!) box featuring a curated collection of gifts from the High Country, to talk about how to figure out if you should spend your time on boots-to-the-ground marketing or social media marketing. Spoiler alert: Your ideal client might just determine that for you!


Valerie Mailman is the founder and owner of Blue Ridge in a Box. Valerie began Blue Ridge in a Box in December of 2020 after seeing the destruction that the pandemic caused on small businesses and organizations—especially those in her community. She wanted to find a way to help support these small businesses, but also desperately needed an income for herself and her children. From these ashes, Blue Ridge in a Box was born. Although this adventure has just begun, it has been incredibly fulfilling for Valerie. She has a lot of ideas for the future of Blue Ridge in a Box and hopes to grow it into something amazing!

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